2016 – Big Personal Changes & A New Adventure!

2016 – Big Personal Changes & A New Adventure!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted properly here and there is a good reason for that. Over the past six months I’ve been in the process of some significant personal changes in the form of a move from Bluefin EMEA over to our branch of Bluefin in the United States.


During Sapphire last year I was talking to my good friend John Appleby about how we could grow our US branch of Bluefin (which he heads) and during that discussion I suggested  that I would be more than happy to consider a transfer to the US. Fast forward a few months and that’s exactly where we are now. After over 5 years with Bluefin and SAP I am more than looking forward to the new challenges this change will bring!

To the Present

So here we are now in 2016 and I have just completed that move and am getting to grips with life and work in the US. So far I’ve found it not dissimilar to my native Ireland of course but quite a change none the less.

Sticking to the stereotype I’ve chosen Boston as my base of choice within the US and I’ve really come to appreciate it as an amazing city since I’ve moved over. Between exploring Boston/New England with my wife and traveling and working with Bluefin’s customers across the United States, I am really looking forward to this next chapter.

So for now, that’s the main update. I wanted to give a good reason why I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few months but rest assured you’ll be hearing more from me as I get settled  from both the SAP side and the personal side.

So for now, from me and my wife Evanna, a happy and prosperous 2016 to all!

The picture above is one I took of the Boston Public Library during the first week after I moved over.

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