Google WiFi – my experience 4 months on

Google WiFi – my experience 4 months on

This will be a short post and that is a good thing! As you’ll know from my post in Jan, I’ve had Google’s WiFi offering in place for about 4 months. I can safely say that I’ve been very impressed with the system and here is why:

Google WiFi Stability

Since I put Google WiFi in place, I’ve had zero complaints from others in the house. Prior to this I would receive complaints about bad signal, interrupted streaming and random drop outs on a weekly basis but since January I’ve had none! (not entirely true – I’ve had exactly one complaint and that was because of an issue caused by Google themselves on Feb 23rd which knocked out one of my three hubs – I forgave them because I received a nicely worded apology).

My number one requirement was good and stable signal during use and I’ve got that with Google WiFi.


I travel a lot and its really nice to be able to see what’s happening with my home WiFi while 3000 miles away. The iOS app is excellent and gives me complete control over my network at all times. A great feature is that I can prioritize different devices for my wife when she needs to prioritize a download or stream over others.

Extended Controls

The extended controls that Google provides is a very nice value add. I can very easily knock off the network for a few hours or deny access to the internet for some devices via the mobile app. These, and other options, are all very easy to use and well designed and make it a joy to use.

Features such as “Family Time”, the guest network, network speed test and connected home controls all contribute to a rich and well designed feature set.

In Summary

So in summary, I don’t regret the $330 I spent on the system. Its certainly removed one headache from my life which is exactly the reason I bought it. I couldn’t recommend Google WiFi more if you have WiFi issues or simply want a really easy to use, robust and modern WiFi system.

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