SAP Leonardo Day 1 – Overview

SAP Leonardo Day 1 – Overview

As night descends on a misty and rainy Chicago, I find myself reflecting on the themes and topics put forward during day one of SAP Leonardo Live, Chicago 2017. Some topics were exciting and crossed items off my “SAP Leonardo Live – Announcement Wishlist” such as “real world relatable use cases” and “focusing more on ML and AI over IOT”. So what were the main themes:

Connect beauty to engineering to science

The theme of Leonardo Da Vinci was clear throughout the day with constant references to his obsession with analysis and pattern identification of “swirling rivers”. For SAP Leonardo we use Design Thinking to bring a beautiful user experience to complex problems. Allowing this free thinking is vital for a successful adoption of SAP Leonardo principles.

If you’re going to be an innovator you must not be afraid to fail

The old mantra of “fail fast, fail often” has been a scary motto to adopt for the enterprise but it is vital for any future adoption of SAP Leonardo. Not every prototype is perfect and an acceptance and learning from failure is a very important aspect for us to understand and adopt.

Disrupt yourself

Walter Isaacson spoke of how we must allow ourselves to disrupt ourselves. His example here was around Steve Jobs and the iPod. Steve asked himself, what could disrupt Apple and sales of the iPod? The answer of course was the smart-phone makers who could introduce MP3 player functionality in a heartbeat. Enter Steve’s response, the iPhone. Steve disrupted Apple from within and we must do the same.

As a leader, focus on your team to drive serious digital transformation

Great leaders such as both Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci had a great team behind them. Picking and assembling the right team to back you up and innovate towards your vision is a vital component for SAP Digital Innovation with SAP Leonardo.

Don’t wait – work with SAP and partners to BUILD the future today

This was item three on my wishlist of announcements for the day. How do customers get started? Reach out to your SAP Account Executive or your preferred partner and start your SAP Leonardo conversation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how quickly you can get started. Alternatively reach out to me here. I’ll be more than happy to help out where I can.

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