The road to Vegas: My Essentials List for SAP Teched and d-code

The road to Vegas: My Essentials List for SAP Teched and d-code

There are many war stories around the web about what people bring to a 4 to 5 day long conference like SAP’s upcoming d-code and Teched. My list has some familiar items and some weird ones. So here is my top 5 items I am making sure to pack as I prepare to head across the pond:

1 – Power – 10,000 mAh battery Pack

I never leave the house with my battery pack and its even more crucial when going to Teched – there is nothing worse than getting to 2pm with sessions back to back for the rest of the day and my phone and tablet are already at 30% or less. With the ability to recharge my phone up to about 5 times fully, my battery of choice is the EasyAcc charger which boasts a 2.1A and 1.5A output, perfect for both my iPhone and all the other devices I carry.

2 – Portable gateway to the outside world – 7″ tablet293431-the-nexus-7-box-1

When wandering around Teched and d-code I personally prefer to not carry any bag as inevitably I’ll leave it somewhere. So as a result I like to carry a 7″ tablet that I can just slip into my back pocket while I walk around. I just have to remember not to sit down without taking it out :-). My tablet that has served me for a few years now is my Nexus 7. An odd choice some may comment but it works perfectly well for me at conferences as it is perfectly good for twitter, agenda viewing and SAP Mobile docs (for those 2014 attendees). Finally of course the battery on the Nexus 7 is very good too so it usually lasts the day.

As I type the tablet is currently NOT charging in the corner after not being used for the last 8 months - fingers crossed it will switch on before I leave.

3 – How far did I walk – Fitbit

Teched like any large conference is actually quite the walkathon. Without realising you can end up walking the conference centre several times throughout the day and at the end of the conference it’s nice to tot up exactly how much you walked. Last time I attended in Madrid I ended up walking 7-8 miles a day which is not bad for a residential conference. So for that reason my Fitbit is fully charged for the week ready to track my movements.

4 – Where the hell am I? – Trip advisor offline maps

Naturally, I’m Irish from the small city of Cork so at some point I will get lost in most foreign cities. So for that reason I always try to get an offline app detailing the city I am in and if at all possible it should include an offline capable map. For Las Vegas I am using Trip advisor which I have used in many cities around the world and hopefully it will allow me to use the homing beacon functionality and get back to my hotel (at some point)!

5 – Make it through the day – Comfortable shoes

Laugh if you will but it is incredibly important to think about your shoes at an event like d-code. Going back to the walking-miles point, you will walk miles and if you want to survive those miles then make sure you like your shoes. For me it’s my Dubarry deck shoes which I have no problem walking miles in. And of course considering I’m biased toward Irish products I choose these but trust me – they are worth the investment.

And those are my top 5 that I’m making sure to pack tonight as I head off for d-code. I’m sure others have their favourites and hopefully I’ll come across some more must-haves during this event that I can take forward and share with others.


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